Various coat thickness and colours, thick layer passivation on demand

Mechanical zinc plating


For rivets with fabrication with accepted tolerance

Nickel plating

Various coat thickness

Special zinc multi-disc coating

Following the standards of automotive industry

Zinc-iron plating

Black or yellow chromated and black passivated (CrVI free) with lubricant additive or topcoat

Duplex coating

Electrogalvanizing or zinc iron plating plus subsequent sealing with an organic topcoat like Deltaseal, Magni 560 etc.

Zinc phosphated and lubricated surfaces

Organic or inorganic coating using dip-spinning. Also available with lubricant additive or topcoat like Magni 565, Delta Protect KL 100, Deltacoll etc.

Zinc-nickel plating

CrVI free

Hot barrel coating

For rivets in different RAL-colours