Basic material

For the production of all our products we use the following materials. The choice of a specific material depends on the type of application the product is made for.


Low alloy and low carbon steel for general purposes like AlMgSi 0,5, AlMgSi 1, AlMg 3, AlMg 5
Heat treatable steel qualities with a higher basic strength for special purposes (e.g. tool construction)
35 B 2, Cq 45, 42 Cr Mo 4


Al 99.5 / Al 99.7 or special aluminium alloyed qualities with specific properties regarding corrosion and strength.


Cu Zn 36


E-Cu 58 for general purposes
OF copper for special purposes

Stainless materials

1.4303, 1.4404, 1.4567, 1.4578

Other materials

Can be used on demand